C2 Rule Filings

C2 rule filings are listed below. In addition, the C2 Rules Book incorporates a number of chapters from the Cboe rules. Therefore, any Cboe rule filings which modify those Cboe rules that are incorporated into the C2 rulebook are also listed below.

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Date Document Description
12/07/2017 SR-C2-2017-017 Amen...  SR-C2-2017-017 Amendment No. 2 - Proposal Regarding the Fees Schedule
11/16/2017 SR-C2-2017-031  SR-C2-2017-031 - Proposed rule change relating to the Options Regulatory Fee
11/15/2017 SR-C2-2017-030  SR-C2-2017-030 - Proposed rule change to amend the Exchange's Governance Documents
11/03/2017 SR-C2-2017-017 Amen...  Proposed rule change to establish the fees for Industry Members related to the National Market System Plan Governing the Consolidated Audit Trail.
10/19/2017 SR-C2-2017-028  Proposed Rule Change related to a name change of the Exchange and its Parent Company
09/21/2017 SR-C2-2017-026  Proposal to amend the Fees Schedule
09/20/2017 SR-C2-2017-025  Proposal to amend Rule 6.45
08/31/2017 SR-C2-2017-024  Proposed Rule Change to Amend Rule 6.15
08/28/2017 SR-C2-2017-018 Amen...  Amendment to Proposed Rule Change to Amend Rules Duplicative of CAT
08/04/2017 SR-C2-2017-023  Proposal to outline C2 Trade Match System (CTM) functionality.
07/18/2017 SR-C2-2017-022  Proposal to amend Rule 6.1
07/18/2017 SR-C2-2017-021 Withdrawn
06/23/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-050  Proposal to extend the SPY position limit pilot program for one year
06/23/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-051  Proposal to extend the Credit Options Margin Pilot Program for one year
06/09/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-048  Proposal regarding IVV options.
05/31/2017 SR-C2-2017-020  Proposal to Extend the Penny Pilot Period until December 31, 2017
05/23/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-043  Proposed Rule Change To CAT Fee Dispute Procedures
05/16/2017 SR-C2-2017-017  Proposal Regarding the Fees Schedule
05/15/2017 SR-CBOE-2017-041  Proposed Rule Change to Amend Rules Duplicative of CAT
05/15/2017 SR-C2-2017-019  Proposal Regarding Market Maker Reports