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C2 rule filings are listed below. In addition, the C2 Rule Book incorporates a number of chapters from the CBOE rules. Therefore, any CBOE rule filings which modify those CBOE rules that are incorporated into the C2 rulebook are also listed below.

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Date Document Description Federal Register Publications
10/02/2015 SR-C2-2015-024  Proposal to Amend the Fees Schedule
10/01/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-085  Proposal Regarding Number of Expirations Permitted in EOW/EOM Pilot Program
09/30/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-084  Proposal Relating to Continuing Education for Registered Persons
09/22/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-077  Proposal to Amend Margin Requirements
09/01/2015 SR-C2-2015-023  Proposal to Amend the Fees Schedule
07/17/2015 SR-C2-2015-021  Proposal Relating to Price Check Parameters
07/15/2015 SR-C2-2015-018  Proposal Related to Obvious Errors
07/14/2015 SR-C2-2015-020  Proposal Extending AIM Pilot
07/10/2015 SR-C2-2015-019  Proposal to Amend the Options Regulatory Fee
06/24/2015 SR-C2-2015-016 with... Withdrawn
06/24/2015 SR-C2-2015-017  Proposal to Correct a Technical Error in the Fees Schedule
06/17/2015 SR-C2-2015-015  Proposal Extending Penny Pilot Program
06/15/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-052  Proposal to Amend Rule 5.3.06
06/03/2015 SR-C2-2015-013  Proposal Relating to AIM Auction Order Allocation
06/02/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-027  Proposal to Update Regulatory-Related References
05/27/2015 SR-C2-2015-014  Proposal Relating to the Solicitation Auction Mechanism
05/06/2015 SR-C2-2015-012  Proposal Related to the Nullification and Adjustment of Options Transactions Including Obvious Errors
05/05/2015 SR-C2-2015-011  Proposal Relating to Effectiveness of a Permit Holder
05/05/2015 SR-C2-2015-010  Proposal Relating to Exchange Liability
04/15/2015 SR-CBOE-2015-040  Proposal to Amend Rule 15.5
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