C2 Rule Filings

C2 rule filings are listed below. In addition, the C2 Rules Book incorporates a number of chapters from the CBOE rules. Therefore, any CBOE rule filings which modify those CBOE rules that are incorporated into the C2 rulebook are also listed below.

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Date Document Description Federal Register Publications
08/25/2016 SR-CBOE-2016-049
Amendment 1
Proposal Related to the FTSE Developed Europe and FTSE Emerging Indexes
08/24/2016 SR-CBOE-2016-062  Proposal Regarding Wednesday SPY Expirations
08/08/2016 SR-CBOE-2016-058  Proposed Rule Change Related to Exchange Holidays on Foreign Exchanges
08/01/2016 SR-C2-2016-016  Proposal Relating to Maker Rebates
07/28/2016 SR-C2-2016-015  Proposal to Adopt a Principles-Based Approach to the Misuse of Material, Non-Public Information
07/27/2016 SR-C2-2016-014  Proposal to Adopt Interpretation and Policy .10 to Rule 6.51
07/27/2016 SR-CBOE-2016-051  Proposal Regarding Series 9/10 Examination Program Revisions
07/14/2016 SR-C2-2016-013  Proposal Relating to Maker Rebates
07/14/2016 SR-C2-2016-011 with... Withdrawn
07/13/2016 SR-C2-2016-012  Proposal to Extend the AIM Pilot Program
06/29/2016 SR-C2-2016-010  Proposal Related to Execution and Priority
06/23/2016 SR-C2-2016-009  Proposal Relating to Professionals
06/20/2016 SR-CBOE-2016-052  Proposal Regarding SPY Position Limit Pilot Extension
06/15/2016 SR-CBOE-2016-049  Proposal to List and Trade Options That Overlie the FTSE Developed Europe and Emerging Indexes
06/14/2016 SR-CBOE-2016-046  Proposal to Expand the Nonstandard Expirations Pilot Program
06/10/2016 SR-C2-2016-008  Proposal Relating to Linkage Fees
06/01/2016 SR-C2-2016-007  Proposal to Extend Penny Pilot
05/23/2016 SR-C2-2016-005  Proposal Relating to the Delegation of Authority to Senior Management
04/11/2016 SR-C2-2016-004  Proposal to Adopt Non-Penny Pricing
04/11/2016 SR-C2-2016-003 With... Withdrawn