Legal and Regulatory

C2 Options Exchange, an all-electronic exchange, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CBOE Holdings, Inc. C2 operates under a separate exchange license with its own rules and access structure, employing a market model that provides a maker-taker fee schedule and a pure pro-rata matching algorithm for multiply-listed classes.

C2 Rules

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CBOE Rules

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Compliance Highlights

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Regulation SHO

Compliance with Regulation SHO began on January 3, 2005. Regulation SHO was adopted to update short sale regulation in light of numerous market developments since short sale regulation was first adopted in 1938. Regulation SHO includes rules for marking (long, short and short exempt), locate, delivery, and close-out requirements and a short sale "circuit breaker" price test.

Disciplinary Actions

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CBOE Comment Letters

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